Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I took a walk in a near by graveyard the other day...

just in time for Halloween!

Just not ON Halloween...

Kinda creepy...

but cool, too! The stones are all so old ~ from the 1800's. These were the original inhabitants of our town.
I wonder what their plans are for tomorrow night...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

This Week In Review

Flea market and side of the road finds!!
I found this great vintage leather suitcase ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD! I know, right? Its AWESOME! Smells a little inside, but its old, so expected. A little fabreeze or baking soda should help. Its a great prop for pics or show display. Or maybe I'll sell it... don't know yet, but I love it!
That was Tuesday.
On Wednesday, I went to the Springville Fleamarket and found these great old tart tins and cake decorating kit! Not sure what I'll use them for yet, but I love these too! Look at the cute little metal, sectioned box for the tips!

This weekend is my 2nd Art Festival in as many months. It is the Quaker Arts Festival in Orchard Park, NY. Here's some pics of some of the work I finished for the show.

This is  called "Jorinda Waits". "Jorinda and Jorindel" is a Grimm's Fairy Tale. It's a tale about an old witch who lives in a castle in the forest. If young lovers wander too closely to her castle, she takes the young woman to her castle and turns her into a bird. In the story, Jorinda is turned into a bird and Jorindel rescues her by finding the magic red flower and touching her with it thus turning her back to a young woman. In MY story, Jorindel never comes and Jorinda, well, she waits, looking into a mirror on a wall seeing a reflection of what she was. Look close and you can see a young woman's face in the mirror.

On the lighter side, I created a memory pocket out of an old leather tool belt, a piece of hand-tatted lace, some of my vintage button flowers, an old photo, some fluffy plumes, a piece of sheet music and a rolled up letter. I tied it all together with some of Lisa Jurist's awesomely wonderful, hand-dyed silk sari ribbons.

On a happy note, hubby is home from the Round One 5 day in-hospital chemo treatment and on to his 2 week out-patient leg of this undesirable journey. Happy 'cuz he's home. Won't ever know for sure if it works(complicated), but will always keep the faith!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Works in Progress

If you read my last blog entry, then you know I had a fantastic last show and practically sold out. I've been busy working in my studio creating...

Nothing is actually finished yet

Everything needs a few finishing touches

I'm anxiously waiting by my mailbox for some of Lisa Jurist's wonderfully hand dyed sari ribbons to add

When I'm not by my mailbox getting soaked by rain or road spray, I'm in my studio

Trick or Treat!
On a heavier note, my husband starts his chemo tomorrow. And its a rough one. Five days in the hospital, then six days outpatient. Off for about a week and then back at it again. We could use your prayers...

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Million Thanks!!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Elmwood Ave. Festival of the Arts to support me at this FABULOUS Festival! This weekend surpassed ALL expectations I could have ever had for myself AND for the Festival. What a great production. The air was just sizzling with creative energy! People were so friendly, the staff was uber helpful and my fellow vendors were just lovely!

A very friendly festival goer was kind enough to let me hold his beautiful bird! (I'm just a little nervous!) Really weird observation-Parrots have really warm feet!

This man filled my booth with wonderful island music. What talent!

An awesome parade signified the end of the festival. This year's theme was patience...

...hence the snail!

The crowd was wonderful.

This festival was by far the BEST I have ever had the honor of participating in. The talent expressed in all the arts was unsurpassed!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


What a BUSY summer and now its just about over! The kids go back to school in 2 weeks, I still have to school supply shop and I have my first big show of the season next weekend! Panic is trying to set in, but so far I'm keeping it at bay. I probably only have about 2 or 3 studio days before I get everything ready for the show. (I'm not ready)

The season started out at a nice relaxing pace, even with the news that my husband's cancer has come back. He started treatment, and the doctors seem to think the prognosis is good. (Not great, only good. But still, good.)
Then his parents passed away. It was an event filled with mixed feelings. Of course, sadness for the great loss, shock that they both passed on the same day, and then a peaceful (?) feeling in the knowledge that this is what love can do, when one won't live without the other. We all knew his Dad would not live long after his Mom died, but no one thought he would follow later that day!
On the morning that we heard that his Mom had passed, we were on our way to pick out a new puppy. 14 years ago, we got our first dog, Spencer, the weekend Princess Diana died. On our way to pick out the new pup, my husband recalled that event and said it was only fitting that we get a new puppy in honor of the passing of another great person, his mother. No one could have foretold the irony of his statement. When we arrived at the shelter, they showed us the 2 pups left from the litter. Of course, we couldn't make up our minds, so we adopted them both. It was when we got home, a few hours later, that we learned of his father's death...
Since adding these 2 hurricanes of chaos to our home, we've been busy cleaning up puddles, poop and chewed up furniture, baskets and toys! What a great distraction for the kids, though. And my husband, who I think really needed it most of all. Except for the day we got them, the timing couldn't have been more perfect.
Well, aside from that madness, we've gone and visited Niagara Falls. The kids had never been, and I had never been on the Maid of the Mist boat ride. It was AWESOME! I loved everything about the whole day- the boat ride, the walk up next to the falls and lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe! We ALL had a great time on our vacation in our own backyard!!

August brought the Erie County Fair, the third largest county fair in the US. With the Fair comes my daughter's 4-H Rabbit show and filling my antique mall case in our special fair building. Then there are the countless days of going to the fair to check up on the rabbits, participate in rabbit events, bring more inventory to replace the sold antiques, my antique mall work obligation and then just a day of FUN at the fair!
The fair ends this weekend and then it'll be time for the Elmwood Arts Festival next weekend! I think I'll breathe again after Labor Day...

I can't tell which one of these photos are of MY kids!

Everyone has a great time at the Fair!!

No, I did NOT do this. I don't do rides. Ever.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blogger Comment Posting Problem Fix?

I wondered why I wasn't getting any comments on my blogs since I changed my template. I thought maybe no one had anything to say, but still, it seemed odd. Then I read Indian Doll Art Works blog on not being able to comment on Blogger blogs. Got me thinking and I did some investigation. I found out how to fix the problem, though I never found out for sure if I had the problem.
The fix, for all you Blogger bloggers who's readers can't post comments on your blogs is this: Go into your settings. Click on Comments and change your setting to Pop-up window. try that and see if it works for you. If anyone is infact reading this, please post a comment for me to see if my fix worked as well. Thanks,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Stuff!

 I've been wanting to make these assemblage necklaces for some time. I finally got up the courage to start one and then couldn't stop. So here she is. I haven't named her yet. She looks so sad...

 This is a close up of the center thingy, a washer thing wrapped with wire and beads with antique prism hung in the center.

I strung a mixture of vintage beads, new beads and goldstone beads and combined them with two sizes of copper linked chain. (yeah, that's my 46 yr. old neck)
I punched holes in the tin type and then looped wire and beads thru the holes. I am incredibly happy with this! More to come, but they'll probably just show up in my Etsy shop, Rusty Button Studio.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


June is a busy month for us. Spring soccer games began at the end of May, State tests for the kids, my hubby's birthday, followed by my son's birthday, followed by my daughter's birthday, a "group" birthday party this weekend - make that TWO parties in one day (one for kids' friends, one for relatives later.), Father's Day stuck somewhere in between, a piano recital (plus weekly lessons), an orchestra concert - make that TWO orchestra concerts, a Girl and Boy Scout weekly mentoring program, AND the diagnosis of an unwanted return of an illness in the family and the treatments that follow. Whew!
I just found out today I overlooked some important relatives when sending out the invites to the Birthday Party.(I've had a bit on my mind lately) Luckily, my Mom is on it for me. Right now I'm on a break from cleaning. I hate cleaning, So needless to say, studio time has been a rare thing this month. I've got a few things in progress, but boy, I'd much rather be down there right now, working...
Don't feel sorry for me. I sometimes function better under HUGE amounts of stress. Its just a matter of knowing what matters and what doesn't. Focusing on the important things and just keep moving.
So, I'm movinbg on now, back to work cleaning. Just wanted to post so anyone actually reading this will know I'm still here! : )
And oh, yeah! I've been meaning to post about how HONORED I am to have Charlotte's House in Alicia's Altered Bits zine, Notorious Letters and Symbols!! Everyone's artwork is MAGNIFICENT! Kudos to everyone involved, especially to Alicia for putting it all together. Yay!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fly Away, Fly Away, Fly Away Home

 Well, its done. I added some, fine tuned some and then stopped. I'm really happy with the outcome and welcome your comments!
 The black beads form a "road map".
 Pay no attention to the mess on the floor behind the mannequin!!
 This is a detail of the back. Home.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pretty AND Gritty

 My latest project
 I bought 2 mannequins at an extreme discount
I covered the torso with paper mache first to give it texture and hide the pin holes. The project just morphed as I went along and eventually turned (unintentionally) into something with personal meaning. Nothing but the color was preconceived. It has this gritty urban feel, prettied up with real butterfly wings (from the newly donated stash). Its not quite done yet, but I'm happy with the results. I can't wait to start the second one!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Craft Show Results- A greater success...

Ok. Co-chairing this Craft & Bake Sale was a learning experience. I had much more responsibility for the success of this event and unfortunately the weather, among other things, worked against me here. It was a BEAUTIFUL sunny, warm day, stuck smack dab in the middle of a whole bunch of gray, rainy days. I keep telling myself that we had such a low turn out because everyone wanted to sneak in their spring yard work while they could. We had 15 very talented artists and craftspeople and I think that the few people that did come through were actually buyers and spent money with most of our vendors.

So, all in all, most of the vendors told me they did ok, with a few ...not so much. I personally did ok, but only because I got an order for 5 pieces. I would not call this a "selling" success, but definitely a learning experience to make this year's Holiday Bazaar better than ever!!

Like I said, not a "selling" success, but still a success in other ways, aside from the education I got in putting an event like this together. I personally witnessed two instances of "paying it forward" and am very happy to have unwittingly taken part in both.
A young girl, who was a crafter herself, accidently knocked over a display of fabric bags she'd made. I helped her pick them up. Ten minutes later, while making my rounds to see how the vendors were doing, I stopped by the Relay For Life table. There, the woman manning the tables was setting out some bottle cap charm necklaces with Relay For Life insignias on them. She told me someone had just given her the necklaces as a donation to sell. It was the young girl's mother who makes the bottle cap charms...  
Again, while making my rounds, I experienced the second instance. Earlier in the morning, I realized I had a table that was, and would be, empty during the show. Going by my past experience at shows where tables are empty, I asked the vendor nearest the table to "spread out" if she could. "She definitely could !", she said with a huge smile on her face! (and BOY did she!) My actions slightly ruffled some feathers behind the scenes. "But that table wasn't paid for!" I explained it was better to fill the table than to leave it empty. Besides, I said, its a common practice in this instance. Later that afternoon, that vendor inquired about renting the room for a scrapbooking class...

On a personal note, my work was noticed by members of my church who hadn't previously known what I do. I was overwhelmed by the praise and support that came forth. Everyone was so enamored by the re-use of vintage and antique items that would otherwise be tossed away. Infact, they themselves had thrown much of what I use in my work away. The following day at church, someone gave me a large antique printer's drawer!
The day after that (yesterday) I got a phone call to tell me some stuff would be left at church for me. I sent my husband to pick it up on his way home from work. This is just a sample of what was left for me by a wonderfully, kind woman! There are austrian crystals, vintage beads, vintage jewelry, sea shells, wooden flowers, butterflies, feathers...the list goes on!
I'm so excited! People are so kind and giving! I can't wait to create wonderful things from these wonderful things!
So, yes. I see the craft and bake sale as a success. I hope others found a silver lining Saturday afternoon and that the sale was a success for them in another way as it was for me.