Thursday, September 15, 2011

This Week In Review

Flea market and side of the road finds!!
I found this great vintage leather suitcase ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD! I know, right? Its AWESOME! Smells a little inside, but its old, so expected. A little fabreeze or baking soda should help. Its a great prop for pics or show display. Or maybe I'll sell it... don't know yet, but I love it!
That was Tuesday.
On Wednesday, I went to the Springville Fleamarket and found these great old tart tins and cake decorating kit! Not sure what I'll use them for yet, but I love these too! Look at the cute little metal, sectioned box for the tips!

This weekend is my 2nd Art Festival in as many months. It is the Quaker Arts Festival in Orchard Park, NY. Here's some pics of some of the work I finished for the show.

This is  called "Jorinda Waits". "Jorinda and Jorindel" is a Grimm's Fairy Tale. It's a tale about an old witch who lives in a castle in the forest. If young lovers wander too closely to her castle, she takes the young woman to her castle and turns her into a bird. In the story, Jorinda is turned into a bird and Jorindel rescues her by finding the magic red flower and touching her with it thus turning her back to a young woman. In MY story, Jorindel never comes and Jorinda, well, she waits, looking into a mirror on a wall seeing a reflection of what she was. Look close and you can see a young woman's face in the mirror.

On the lighter side, I created a memory pocket out of an old leather tool belt, a piece of hand-tatted lace, some of my vintage button flowers, an old photo, some fluffy plumes, a piece of sheet music and a rolled up letter. I tied it all together with some of Lisa Jurist's awesomely wonderful, hand-dyed silk sari ribbons.

On a happy note, hubby is home from the Round One 5 day in-hospital chemo treatment and on to his 2 week out-patient leg of this undesirable journey. Happy 'cuz he's home. Won't ever know for sure if it works(complicated), but will always keep the faith!

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