Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tuesday Night Random Act of Art & Wednesday Morning Walk

My first attempt at a Random Act of Art!

I'll call it a success because no one caught me placing it. I guess I was pretty stealthy since I attempted this right outside of a room filled with about 25 4-Hers and 10 parents and didn't get caught!

I have to admit, I was pretty nervous, but I felt like I was running out of options for the "Drop and Run". I felt I had made a commitment to complete this mission in a timely fashion. On Monday, I thought I might be able to do it when I ran my errands. Problem was I didn't quite think that out. I was going to the bank and post office. After further thought, I didn't think this act would be received well under camera surveillance. I imagined it going like this:
Security guards watching video feed; "What did she just do!? Did she just leave something there?" Then I take out my camera to take a picture of the RAA. Security guards; "GET HER!!"
Not that it wouldn't make interesting blog fodder, but you may not have read about it here for about 20 years or more.
Moving on, on Tuesday I thought I'd leave it somewhere at the park during my son's soccer game. Perfect! There were so many places to put it, I just couldn't decide where. Turns out I didn't need to. Soccer game cancelled due to an overly wet field. : (
Last option (in my mind): 4-H meeting place, which brings us back to the first sentence of this blog.

This Random Act of Art challenge is awesome! Bringing a fun, little surprise to someone when they unsuspectingly find it just makes me feel all happy inside. You should try this, even if you are not an artist. Leave a special little object for someone else to find to brighten their day!
This just reeminded me of something that happened to me as a child.
When I was about eight years old, I found my first sea shell. I found it by the slide in the school playground. The best part of this story, is how lucky I felt. And how happy! We don't live anywhere near the ocean! I still have that shell, as well as many, many more...

The kids and I found this Robin's egg on the drive way this morning on our way to the bus stop.

I found this hammer on the side of the rad on my walk this morning.

 I found these pretty weeds this morning, too!
Have a great day!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Much Better Pictures!

Here they are! I retook the pics of my latest assemblages and these turned out much better.
The longer I look at the one with the rust frame, the more I think I might change the small pin of the woman to a tiny face made of clay. We shall see...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I thought this blog would be titled, "Two Done", but on Monday, when I was downstairs in my studio working on yet another "Alice in Wonderland" inspired piece.(which is another 'story' in itself) I got distracted. I was looking for something to help complete the piece when I found a little altered doll head I'd made some time last year. (Ooh! Something shiny!)
I pulled it out and then went to find a piece if wood from my collection of Cape Cod beach finds to mount it on (because that was the idea I had for this head). I pulled out the wood, placed the tiny head in it and determined it wasn't going to work the way I thought it would.
From there I grabbed a small Victorian Era photo pin back of a woman, stuck that to the small piece of drift woodand just kept on going with it. Eventually, I had something and decided it was going to look best in a shallow black box. Ooh! And so would this other idea that just popped into my head, so why don't I paint two boxes black as long as I'm getting the black paint out...By the time the afternoon was over and it was time to get the kids off the bus, I had completed two really cool pieces of artwork. Except the one I was trying to complete is still downstairs, unfinished, and awaiting my undivided attention. Maybe tomorrow...

(Wow! After I published this blog, I saw how awful these pictures are! They are so grainy! And not by design. : (   
I'll have to retake them and repost them another time. I'm not Blog Savvy enough to know how to remove them.)