Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I thought this blog would be titled, "Two Done", but on Monday, when I was downstairs in my studio working on yet another "Alice in Wonderland" inspired piece.(which is another 'story' in itself) I got distracted. I was looking for something to help complete the piece when I found a little altered doll head I'd made some time last year. (Ooh! Something shiny!)
I pulled it out and then went to find a piece if wood from my collection of Cape Cod beach finds to mount it on (because that was the idea I had for this head). I pulled out the wood, placed the tiny head in it and determined it wasn't going to work the way I thought it would.
From there I grabbed a small Victorian Era photo pin back of a woman, stuck that to the small piece of drift woodand just kept on going with it. Eventually, I had something and decided it was going to look best in a shallow black box. Ooh! And so would this other idea that just popped into my head, so why don't I paint two boxes black as long as I'm getting the black paint out...By the time the afternoon was over and it was time to get the kids off the bus, I had completed two really cool pieces of artwork. Except the one I was trying to complete is still downstairs, unfinished, and awaiting my undivided attention. Maybe tomorrow...

(Wow! After I published this blog, I saw how awful these pictures are! They are so grainy! And not by design. : (   
I'll have to retake them and repost them another time. I'm not Blog Savvy enough to know how to remove them.)

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