Thursday, June 23, 2011


June is a busy month for us. Spring soccer games began at the end of May, State tests for the kids, my hubby's birthday, followed by my son's birthday, followed by my daughter's birthday, a "group" birthday party this weekend - make that TWO parties in one day (one for kids' friends, one for relatives later.), Father's Day stuck somewhere in between, a piano recital (plus weekly lessons), an orchestra concert - make that TWO orchestra concerts, a Girl and Boy Scout weekly mentoring program, AND the diagnosis of an unwanted return of an illness in the family and the treatments that follow. Whew!
I just found out today I overlooked some important relatives when sending out the invites to the Birthday Party.(I've had a bit on my mind lately) Luckily, my Mom is on it for me. Right now I'm on a break from cleaning. I hate cleaning, So needless to say, studio time has been a rare thing this month. I've got a few things in progress, but boy, I'd much rather be down there right now, working...
Don't feel sorry for me. I sometimes function better under HUGE amounts of stress. Its just a matter of knowing what matters and what doesn't. Focusing on the important things and just keep moving.
So, I'm movinbg on now, back to work cleaning. Just wanted to post so anyone actually reading this will know I'm still here! : )
And oh, yeah! I've been meaning to post about how HONORED I am to have Charlotte's House in Alicia's Altered Bits zine, Notorious Letters and Symbols!! Everyone's artwork is MAGNIFICENT! Kudos to everyone involved, especially to Alicia for putting it all together. Yay!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fly Away, Fly Away, Fly Away Home

 Well, its done. I added some, fine tuned some and then stopped. I'm really happy with the outcome and welcome your comments!
 The black beads form a "road map".
 Pay no attention to the mess on the floor behind the mannequin!!
 This is a detail of the back. Home.