Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Craft Show Results- A greater success...

Ok. Co-chairing this Craft & Bake Sale was a learning experience. I had much more responsibility for the success of this event and unfortunately the weather, among other things, worked against me here. It was a BEAUTIFUL sunny, warm day, stuck smack dab in the middle of a whole bunch of gray, rainy days. I keep telling myself that we had such a low turn out because everyone wanted to sneak in their spring yard work while they could. We had 15 very talented artists and craftspeople and I think that the few people that did come through were actually buyers and spent money with most of our vendors.

So, all in all, most of the vendors told me they did ok, with a few ...not so much. I personally did ok, but only because I got an order for 5 pieces. I would not call this a "selling" success, but definitely a learning experience to make this year's Holiday Bazaar better than ever!!

Like I said, not a "selling" success, but still a success in other ways, aside from the education I got in putting an event like this together. I personally witnessed two instances of "paying it forward" and am very happy to have unwittingly taken part in both.
A young girl, who was a crafter herself, accidently knocked over a display of fabric bags she'd made. I helped her pick them up. Ten minutes later, while making my rounds to see how the vendors were doing, I stopped by the Relay For Life table. There, the woman manning the tables was setting out some bottle cap charm necklaces with Relay For Life insignias on them. She told me someone had just given her the necklaces as a donation to sell. It was the young girl's mother who makes the bottle cap charms...  
Again, while making my rounds, I experienced the second instance. Earlier in the morning, I realized I had a table that was, and would be, empty during the show. Going by my past experience at shows where tables are empty, I asked the vendor nearest the table to "spread out" if she could. "She definitely could !", she said with a huge smile on her face! (and BOY did she!) My actions slightly ruffled some feathers behind the scenes. "But that table wasn't paid for!" I explained it was better to fill the table than to leave it empty. Besides, I said, its a common practice in this instance. Later that afternoon, that vendor inquired about renting the room for a scrapbooking class...

On a personal note, my work was noticed by members of my church who hadn't previously known what I do. I was overwhelmed by the praise and support that came forth. Everyone was so enamored by the re-use of vintage and antique items that would otherwise be tossed away. Infact, they themselves had thrown much of what I use in my work away. The following day at church, someone gave me a large antique printer's drawer!
The day after that (yesterday) I got a phone call to tell me some stuff would be left at church for me. I sent my husband to pick it up on his way home from work. This is just a sample of what was left for me by a wonderfully, kind woman! There are austrian crystals, vintage beads, vintage jewelry, sea shells, wooden flowers, butterflies, feathers...the list goes on!
I'm so excited! People are so kind and giving! I can't wait to create wonderful things from these wonderful things!
So, yes. I see the craft and bake sale as a success. I hope others found a silver lining Saturday afternoon and that the sale was a success for them in another way as it was for me.


  1. Hi Missy, I am glad you stopped by my blog. too bad about your craft/bake show-- I have done so many different types of shows and fairs over many years-- that they can be hit or miss for so many different reasons and sometimes there does not seem any sort of reason-- I remember we always looked at the weather - too hot, too cold, too rainy, too nice and the economy-- and the location-- well, we just go on and continue on.. any way I do wish you better success next time.

  2. I would have to say that was one very successful day!! I always try to find the good with most shows. The money may not be there, but everything else around just falls into place! Paying it forward from small deeds to huge ones!
    Congrats on all your wonderful stuff gifted to you!