Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Stuff!

 I've been wanting to make these assemblage necklaces for some time. I finally got up the courage to start one and then couldn't stop. So here she is. I haven't named her yet. She looks so sad...

 This is a close up of the center thingy, a washer thing wrapped with wire and beads with antique prism hung in the center.

I strung a mixture of vintage beads, new beads and goldstone beads and combined them with two sizes of copper linked chain. (yeah, that's my 46 yr. old neck)
I punched holes in the tin type and then looped wire and beads thru the holes. I am incredibly happy with this! More to come, but they'll probably just show up in my Etsy shop, Rusty Button Studio.


  1. This is a test to see if comments can now be posted to my blog.

  2. Nice piece!!
    I have only played around with the idea in my head to create some jewelry pieces, but that is as far as I went with it. Kudos to you for doing it!!!!!