Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blogger Comment Posting Problem Fix?

I wondered why I wasn't getting any comments on my blogs since I changed my template. I thought maybe no one had anything to say, but still, it seemed odd. Then I read Indian Doll Art Works blog on not being able to comment on Blogger blogs. Got me thinking and I did some investigation. I found out how to fix the problem, though I never found out for sure if I had the problem.
The fix, for all you Blogger bloggers who's readers can't post comments on your blogs is this: Go into your settings. Click on Comments and change your setting to Pop-up window. try that and see if it works for you. If anyone is infact reading this, please post a comment for me to see if my fix worked as well. Thanks,


  1. HI Missy, I've been having problems randomly leaving comments on a few blogs here and there..thanks for the suggestions. btw, i loved seeing your fabulous piece in the altered bits zine!!

  2. Hey Missy,
    I've been able to leave some comments and I didn't touch anything to fix it, so I'm not sure.