Monday, April 11, 2011

New Project, Finished Project and A New Studio Hazzard

Its almost like I'm two different people... One that does these "Prettilies" and a different one that does the "Bizzarros". My mood dictates which I'll create.  Its not like a good mood, bad mood thing, but maybe a  nice mood and a devious mood.


 I've started (and probably finished) a new watercolor project. These are a couple of samples. I'm not sure how I'm going to display them yet. There are 3 sets of three so I could frame them individually or frame them in a frame for three. I don't know yet...


I finished "Forgotten" finally. I had a tough time deciding what the backdrop should be. I had a lot of great suggestions from friends and family, from a black curtain, to a fun house mirror, to old carnival posters... Then, I came across this vintage photo of Coney Island in my collection. (Sorry-I accidently hit the italics key while typing and I'm not computer savvy enough to change it back!!) Its funny how the answers come to you when you're not expecting them. I enhanced the photo on the computer  (Heh! I can do THAT but I can't change the font back to arial!) and then affixed it to the back of the box.
I am very pleased with the results. Now I have to decide whether to show it or sell it. (I'm perplexed! I did not change the font!?????? 

Studio Hazzard...

Oh. And what we have here is a new Studio Hazzard. This is what you get when you open the door to your studio to let the light in. You also get your neighbor's chickens coming for a visit. Earlier, I mentioned a stray cat I call Otter. I'm not sure I want to know what will happen when he decides to visit when the "girls" next door are here. Could be awkward.... Some people have studio cats. This could be my studio chicken? Nah!


  1. Missy.. i am the same way with my art...something delicate then something a little more's the necessary balance!Your watercolor work is spectacular!

  2. Very cool watercolor paintings and I love your newest assemblage! It's nice that you dabble in different things to keep the creative vibe going.
    As for the chicken, what a great studio pet! I wouldn't mind as long as it put out an egg or two once in a while! Yum! I love eggs!