Thursday, April 7, 2011


Finally! Its 50 degrees out and there's no snow! (except a few places on the ground that hasn't melted away yet, here in the tundra)
I went down to my studio and opened up the door. Then, it was so-o-o-o nice out, I decided to hike back in the woods behind my house.

I came across this Fairy House. The Fairy wasn't home, though. No surprise. The fairy was probably out and about, too!

Saw this barbed wire growing through this old, dead tree.

I can't go anywhere without collecting something to bring home... A twig, two sticks, three sprigs, a brick and a thingamajig. The twig has these really cool white leaves attached to it. The sticks are for a couple of project ideas I have. The three sprigs are pussy willows I found. (I had taken my clippers with me). The brick is from a fireplace of an old (no longer there) cabin. And the thingamajig is just that. I think its some kind of small engine component like a filter of some sort. Its mine, now! : ) I laid my collection out on my driveway and took this pic. Then i printed it "cause I think its cool and I'm going to frame it.

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