Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Inspiration

This is momma finch,
These are two of the six (yes, six) baby finches crammed into this tiny nest house. You can see the eye of one and the beak of another. (The beak is that white line.) And yes, that's poop all over the outside of their house. I foolishly thought I'd keep the nest they made (inside) after the baby's all grew up. I gave them a bunch of gorgeous fibers from my weaving days to build their nest with. Now I think they can keep it.
Actually, I think we'll get them a new one. (or 4. They'll all need somewhere to sleep)
They have been an inspiration to me, however...

This is a bird's nest pin that I made for a "Mini Show" I have Thursday night. I found out, in doing this project, that I can make jewelry! I am quite proud of myself. You jewelry makers out there may think differently, but I'm quite happy with the outcome.
I had made the little nests as charms before, but I didn't have any appropriate "neckace" material and no extra money to go spend on some. Then I thought of making the brooch or pin.
I wanted to attach the nest to a branch, though, to give it more of a presence. So I searched online for some inexpensive brass branches. Turned out they were all too commercial looking for me. What to do...
A few weeks earlier, I had experimented with hammering spirals wire flat. I was getting close! I still needed a branch, though. I put that thought away for the time being and went to my wire bin to fetch the brass wire for the spirals. I would work on those first and worry about the branch later, when what to my wondering eyes should appear? Really thick guage copper wire! Could it be hammered flat?
Yes, it could! Boy did my arm hurt for the next few days. (I made 7 of these beauties) But it was all worth it. I'm tempted to keep one for myself...
If you like what you see, and if there are any left after Thursday night, I'll put them in my Etsy store,


  1. Your pin came out pretty cool!
    I have always wanted to dabble in some jewelry but I can't seem to wrap my brain around it. I would be too worried that someones clothes would get snagged or stained!

  2. :) I worry their skin will turn green! Seriously, tho, just go for it! Make a small (sturdy) doll and attach a pin back to it! It'll be awesome!

  3. lovely piece Missy.. nests are of course a favorite of mine!

    what are you going to do with all those baby birds?

  4. Thank you, Lisa. I love nests, too! I have a small collection of nests. The weaver in me appreciates all their hard work!
    Oh, my gosh! I don't know what we're going to do with all thoses babies! I guess we'll sell mating pairs (or give them away) if they don't all "fit".