Friday, March 25, 2011

Charlie's Final Exam and A Jar Of Hearts

 A Jar Of Hearts

 At this point, I've rusted the box and collected all (most) of my goodies to embellish this very boring wall box and make it look like an eerie dark, damp, dank autopsy room of your run of the mill mad scientist.

I've added springs, chains, a light bulb, anf finally a flash bulb!

I added the spikes through the sides to give the feeling of DANGER.
Without getting too literal, I wanted to give the feeling of a laboatory. Then I found, without really looking for it, the Central Undertaking Company letterhead in a collection of papers I bought that I've yet to thoroughly go through. Instead of using the actual document, I made a color copy of it and distressed it a bit more.

The cool thing about this rust technique, is that the box will be everchanging. Today, the extent of the oxidation is more than that of day one, as evident in the first couple of pics. Then it was more greenish, which I really liked, but I like this too. And I'll like what it looks like in a couple of days from now and even a couple of years from now!

For those of you looking for a finch hatchling update,
Two babies are out of the nest and flying. This little guy came out a bit earliy and can't fly yet. At the time that I took this photo, there was still one left in the nest.

Now that baby has left the nest, too, and neither one can fly yet. They are trying, but they are still too young. We're not sure why they left so early. They now spend their days and nights huddled together on the floor of the cage. We've put a water dish on the floor for them and there are enough seeds down there in case momma and daddy stop feeding them...
Of the 6 eggs hatched, only 4 birds survived.
Superman's hernia surgery yesterday was a success. Today he stayed home, as promised, but hasn't stopped doing things around the house. That's why we call him Superman. He's planning on returning to work on Monday...


  1. looks like you are quite the busy birds, recovering hubby, awesome morbid assemblage and a cool jar of hearts! hope you have a great weekend!