Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sinister Sisters

The Sinister Sisters... inspired by the Halloween season, I suppose. Or maybe my dark side has just poked its eerie head out for a look. I don't know. The girls are kinda creepy, don't you think? There's no hidden (intentional) meaning here, it was just fun to create these two.
When I was little, my Mom used to make me cakes for my birthdays with dolls in them. The doll would be stuck in the middle of the cake and the cake would be the skirt. I hated them. She knows this now. She thinks that may be why I take them apart and do this to them now. (She didn't have an explanation for the pile of skulls in the corner.)
My kids love them! My 8 yr. old son asked if the one with the baby in the cage was at a daycare keeping the baby safe. And my 9 yr. old daughter wants me to give her a doll head because she needs to make something...


  1. Great assemblages Missy.. I like the pile of skulls in the corner too!I remember those skirted doll b-day cakes.. never had one but they weren't my style either.

  2. Thanks Lisa-The cakes were good, but the dolls were just ugly! I have to admit, I don't feel bad disassembling them! ;)

  3. Love the mix of wood, wire, silky looking fabrics! What kind of fabric is that?
    My kids make sure they hide their dolls away from me because they know where they may land up!

  4. Thanks Carla - The fabric is satin, I believe. It is actually an old doll dress deconstructed.
    Kids are funny. My little ones ask me if they can take theirs apart to make something!!