Wednesday, February 13, 2013

4:Resurrection and Serendipity

First, I want to tell you that I have a piece,
This piece:
in a show which opens THIS Friday, February 15, 2013 from 6pm-11pm at 464 Gallery @ 464 Ashland Avenue Buffalo, NY. The show is called 4:Resurrection. The 4 is for the gallery's 4 year anniversary, and the Resurrection is for the theme of the show which is basically repurpose and reuse. The Gallery wanted pieces of artwork created from found objects made new again. Right up my alley, right? Right! I'm excited to see what else will be there!!

And now for part deux...

Serendipity, meaning happy accident or pleasant surprise.

Two years ago, I was selling my artwork at a Holiday Bazaar in Rochester, NY. I sold ALOT of artwork that weekend, including a small art doll in a box I called Donatus. It had been one of my favorite pieces, and when the man came up to me with it in his hand, I felt a pang in my heart. To say I was sad to it go would be an understatement. I thought about it often. Sometimes as an artist, we develop a special attachment to the pieces we create, but we know we can't keep them all or we'd starve. This was one of those pieces.

I thought about Donatus alot after that, like I said before, often wishing I had held on to it. Really, it was a small piece, it wouldn't have taken up much space... I could have brought something else to sell instead of that...Why couldn't I have just held on to it?? (These are the things that would go through my head) Well, apparently, the Universe heard me and...

Fast forward to the end of last summer~I had joined a mixed media art group on FB and was contacted by a fellow member. Turns out, she lived in Rochester. Turns out, she knew the man who had purchased Donatus. Turns out, she had Donatus! Turns out, she wants to return it to me! Now, normally that might have offended me, but not in this case. I had actually just been lamenting (again) over my decision to sell Donatus only just a few days before!

M. had said the piece had been purchased for a family member, who's taste in art was quite different than what the purchaser had thought. Donatus then moved into M.'s house, where he stayed quietly on a shelf. Long story short, M. offered to return Donatus to me. I gladly accepted and offered to replace it. M. has never taken me up on my offer, and instead, sent along another gift (as if the return of Donatus wasn't enough!).

How perfect! I just love them! I wore them way past Halloween and around Christmas, decided to put them away for a while, but boy do they make me smile!! Thank you, M.! For everything!!

How serendipitous...

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