Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Great News and New Work

Last week we got some awesome news! Once again, my husband beat the odds and is once again cancer free!! Amazing and miraculous! Thanks to all for well wishes and prayers. Your support is truly appreciated and may you all be as blessed as we've been!
As for my creative life, I've been busy taking my 3rd chair caning class in as many years, I just started taking a crochet class and I managed to get this project completed.
                                                           Its called, "the Mind's Eye".
   I am incredibly thrilled with the way it turned out!

                      It began with the eye. Well, no. It began with the door plate, but when I got the eye and it fit in the hole, it became focused around the eye. (no pun intended.) One night, while lying in bed thinking of the project, I had a thought that I needed a hand, with no real idea why. Two days later I found the hand at a flea market. From then on, the pieces just fell into place and into this antique wooden box. Then ...TA-DA!                 
Oh, yeah! And I finally submitted some work to the lovely Alicia (alteredbits) for her next incredible ezine. I can't wait to see how wonderful this next issue will be!

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