Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Easing Back In

Wow! Here it is the middle of February already! I've got some catching up to do! I've been working a bit after a LONG dry spell! I came home from the show in Rochester and then it was Thanks giving, then Christmas, then my birthday and Superbowl...

Then there's the weather. We finally had a warm spell so I could open the garage door and let in some fresh air and light. AND by opening the door, my studio then becomes larger and less claustophobic. It didn't however, become less messy and cluttered.

So, today's blog is just what the title states: "Easing back in" I'm easing back into blogging, with the hope of actually doing it more often in order to keep your attention and hopefully to get more attention! I've got some work in progress that I'll post soon. I've got some organization to do of my schedule and my studio. And I've got to learn how to use my new camera and the new program for getting the pics off my camera and into the CORRECT folders in my computer so I can find them easily for posting my blog and adding inventory to my Etsy store.

I'd like to enter some work in Altered Bits zine, but I'm basically computer illiterate, so hopefully my computer savvy husband will help with that tonight!

Ok, so I'm alive and well, back to work and back to blogging. OH, and I forget to tell you!! I sold my first piece of artwork online from my Etsy store on my birthday!!

I'm going to photograph my work in progress now to I can post it for you soon.....

This is me working.

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