Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Creative Life

I still haven't gotten the chance to weed my garden, but the flowers appear to be thriving despite my neglect. I only just recently started "living the creative life" full time, and with the onset of that came the disorganization of my home life. I often wondered why people used to make such a big deal about women, primarily mothers, balancing work with home. I get it now.
Creating art everyday has become somewhat of an obsession of mine. I worry about two things when it comes to my art. 1). That I've started "this" too late in life and I don't have enough time to produce and /or make it productive and 2). that this creative "frenzy" I feel will end (like it has before when real life interfered) and it'll all be over. I hate when its over. I just want to create and create and create. Therein lies the problem. Nothing creative about vacuuming or doing the dishes. Or weeding the garden, although planting my garden had been an expression of me...

I just need to learn how to balance my home life with my creative life. Or maybe just realize that if I just devote an hour in the morning to the housework, I CAN have it all...

Ok. Enough about all that. While I was neglecting everything except my children this week, I created the Niagara Falls collage and finished "Art Comes From Your Heart". The Niagara Falls collage (better name yet to come) needs a really gaudy, by that I mean ornate, gold frame around it. I need to shop the flea market tomorrow...

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  1. your assemblages are lovely and creative...i adore all that's going on in them..lots of interest! The wire wrapped heart stone is of course, my favorite!
    Balancing it all is quite a challenge that i still struggle with...art, kids, grocery, housework...and i have come to to terms with my unruly garden. i love gardening but cannot get crazy about the organization...it has to be creative right?